Monday, August 10, 2009

Confused - not that that's new

TVNZ's homepage takeover today is one of their own. I know I have seen this creative before, but I would have a clue what its for, and there seems to be no information on the page about what it is for either.
Considering that it's kinda my job to know these things, though my amazing powers of deduction I have concluded that this is for the Mentalist which premieres tonight. I think. Come on though, I work in the industry and am hyper sensitive to this sort of stuff, what about people who don't have a clue?

On another note - all you Wellingtonians - you coming to the Tweetup this week at Mighty Mighty? Please note, this is the new venue, there had to be a slight change of venue after we initially posted the invite. RSVP to the right. Hope to see ya'll there on Thursday.


marcus said...

By the looks of it, I'd say an anti advertising campaign for Australia (place is full of rapists, thieves etc...)

Hence the 100% NZ banner too...

iChild said...

Thanks for your comment Marcus - indeed, DanNews pointed out the unfortunate placement of the 100% Kiwi ad. Oh dear.

TVNZ Fail.