Friday, August 28, 2009


Ok, I would be really grateful is anyone could explain what I am meant to get out of this ad, other than be annoyed that it put a great big black box across my screen:

Being the cynic I am, this says to me, BNZ will blow out your birthday candles.

I don't really get it, is it in reference to the TVC? I recall there being people in that, and I don't remember all the lights going out.

I'm confused (I seem to say that a lot). Anyone have any takes on what this is about? Or what message I am supposed to take out of it?

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thewalker said...

my theory is that an ad guy had the idea of candles blowing out, and a cool dimming effect followed by blackness and shining eyes. it a pity they never worked out a way to make it relevant or logical.