Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mediaworks TV says bye bye to Big Agencies

So this isn't breaking news by any means (not that it matters too much, as I don't have to suffer any consequences) however, I have a couple of questions about this relationship between Colenso & Mediaworks.

The telethon ad, the one that is a horrific rip off of the US Election '08 advertising campaign - was this an in-house idea or Colenso? I'm hoping not Colenso considering the comment on the NBR article "TV3 have been incapable of approving a decent advertising campaign, and you can't lay that blame at Colenso's door given the creative they've delivered for others." Sounds like some sour Colenso creative grapes to me.

It also sounds like Mediaworks were happy with their account service team... “Our current account service team of Angela Watson, Karla Fisher and Virginia Frankovich has been a pleasure to work with, and we thank them for their hard work.”

However, who is responsible for this:
It's phenomenal. Is this Colenso creative? Is it in-house Mediaworks (and when I say that I mean was it sent over from the States)? Seriously, who. This is awesome. Took me a second, but I laughed my arse off!

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