Monday, August 3, 2009

The Cadbury Brand Saga Continues

Who is behind Cadbury creative at the moment, because it is really not doing it for me.

I posted about the very weak 'glass and a half of facts' print ad that they pushed out through the main mets and Sunday papers.

I didn't bother commenting on the Old Gold eyeblaster takeover on Stuff because Lance covered it damn well. You can read his thoughts here. I love in the comments how Kirsty from Stuff says:
we’re forwarding all comments about the ad to the advertiser which we generally do if we notice an
elevated number of complaints
I take it there have been a few comments on this creative then??

Then today, flicking through Woman's Day, and I see this:
Who on earth are you talking to with this creative? Really? It doesn't fit with any other creative I have seen come out for Cadbury (anyone seen some TV or anything with this kind of idea?). Its just kinda weird actually. Is it a client as creative situation?

Totally baffles me. I used to quite like Cadbury, and their advertising. The 'wouldn't it be nice' campaign was lovely, and translated across advertising mediums. This, this is just strange, and most certainly doesn't make me want to buy Cadbury chocolate.


Lance said...

I also just don't get it.

It almost feels like a response ad to a competitor that brags about how their product is made by shaking.

Meanwhile launching off a bungy jump doesn't really shake you - more of a stir or bounce. Perhaps the wrong text for the picture? Perhaps they couldn't portray an earthquake?

Dave said...

I kinda like the Stuff Ad. Pretty creative really.

Just my opinion added.

Mango Margaritas are delicious.

iChild said...

Thanks for adding your opinion Dave.

I think when you are the digital buyer for a client, its a prerequisite that you like the creative.

Appreciate your feedback though.

Dave said...

I think it's a tad optimistic to say it's a prerequisite.

Are you telling me you've liked every single creative that you've run for your clients in the last five years Monica?

No worries and likewise re the feedback.


iChild said...

Fair call, prerequisite to claim you like it.

I would say I have liked 90% of what we've produced for clients, and the other 10% I was probably not in the target market anyway.