Friday, August 21, 2009

New Favourite (time-wasting) sites of the week 210809

Right, so I haven't done many favourite sites of the week recently, so I thought, for a Friday, I would share my favourite sites which, well, they're timewasters. Fun time-wasters, but time wasters nonetheless.

Perhaps you should come back and check these out this afternoon, whilst enjoying your first beer. There are some serious laughs to be had. Yes yes.

PeteinAkl (Peter's things worth a look on the interweb) This one is actually my favourite of all at the moment, if you have time, go back through all the entries. There are some amazing gems in this little baby, hours of fun I tell you. Hours! (most certainly for the cat lovers out there, this one is a little addictive)

Cuteoverload (Don't want to blow out on the cute cats thing but... awww.)

Textsfromlastnight (drunk people's text messages. Awesome.)

Flicks (I'm a bit of a trailer junkie - must admit, don't actually see many of the movies, but the trailers are great. Plus sign up for their newsletter to get your hands on freebies.)

Failblog (Yeah, its a given, but sometimes people forget about it)

The Big Picture (Amazing photo journalism)

And following those, here are some specific blogs that I would recommend:
AdLandSuit - Advertising Suit
Refinery 29 - Fashion
Exclamation Exclamation - creative kids

That's all I gots for the moment. Have a grand weekend.

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