Friday, August 7, 2009

New Favourite Site of the Week 070809

So, this has been floating around Twitter for about a week (maybe over??) but I think it is great. Bitch.Co allows one to tweet exactly what is on their mind, anonymously. Man-alive people loving this site. It is not beautifully designed but it serves its purpose.
I know I am incredibly aware of who is following me on Twitter and what things may or may not be appropriate to tweet (unless I’ve had a few drinks in which case all censorship seems to fly out the window) even though sometimes I would like to express my exact feelings. Enter Bitch.Co, an anonymous way to pull the fingers to whomever you want - and if you want to be really anonymously nasty, you can call out Twitter users:

(please note, I sent this to myself – no one sent this to me)

People are really embracing this site too. I was following Bitch.Co for a little while but had to unfollow as I was getting too many tweets from them and it was killing my limit on TweetDeck.

Happy weekend all. If you're in Wellington, and gots nothing to do tonight, go and see 1995 play with Tiddabades & the beautiful Diana Rozz at Mighty Mighty. Quality gig action.

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