Wednesday, August 5, 2009

On a positive note today

I have previously been slightly critical of BNZ’s advertising, and to be fair, I think my comments about the crazy showcase and awful homepage takeover are still relevant. Really does not do it for me. However, what a nice little surprise I got this morning when I was reading the NBR and there was a bottom banner at the end of the piece:

Here is a close up.
I think this is great, which is kind of amazing as I am not a fan with this format, but well done BNZ. I think this is some spot on placement and messaging going on and I am impressed. Very well thought out. Making an assumption that a number of very busy business owners and/or decision makers that don’t have time through the day to read NBR and catch up on a lot of their news at night is a very smart one. Upstairs for thinking! My one thought would have been to maybe try to time target the message so it is even more relevant (like after 7pm at night maybe) but I’d imagine that it does drive a decent amount of traffic through the day also, so not that biggie.

In other, “while I slam them, they still have it” news…

I thought I was going to be able to make a grand retracting statement about Cadbury advertising, and that at least they get some of their products right even if the brand itself is a little confused and throw up this ad:

Which I see is Australian. That’s a pity. No grand retraction for today, however this ad does crack me up, the other one a little more than this, but this was the only one I could find quickly.

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