Sunday, July 5, 2009

my dirty little secret

I have this secret. Dirty, embarrassing secret. I like really crap bad American television.

Recovering on a Sunday afternoon, there is nothing better than watching crap tv, and something that falls into that category is Gossip Girl. Beautifully targeted at young girls, kind 13-24 I am most certainly out of the target audience, but the crazy storylines and ridiculous lifestyles that these characters lead is the perfect afternoon escapism.

At any rate, that is not what this is about. Over the last few episodes I have noticed something interesting with the music that they use in the show. Rather than using a range of music in an episode, they have started picking up one artist and using their music all the way through the episode. A few weeks ago they only played Kings of Leon, last week only Bloc Party, this week, only the Transcendents. I like it. For a start they are playing very good music, but its nice, it gives an additional element to the episode.

At any rate, I would highly recommend checking out an episode before it finishes. See what you think.

Updated 12/7 - just watched GG on tvnzondemand, and Trascendents do the theme, the music from last week was White Lies (which I just downloaded and LOVE). Thanking my delightful HTC Magic and the wonderful Shazam application for correcting me!


Liss said...

Ahahaha I love it, I had to admit to my new flatmates that I watched it today! and I felt ashamed also, haha.

And The Bachelor? tell me you're into that too? I made Caro, Marina and Ryan watch it with me on Friday night, haha

iChild said...

Not so much on the Bachelor front, sorry love, you're by yourself on that one!