Friday, July 17, 2009

Still hating on Chrome

EYEBLASTER! Why do you hate Chrome?? Why? Why? Why?

So some time ago I wrote a blog asking people not to forget about Chrome users, cos (while I do often bitch about them) I would like to see some of the creative ads that are out there. Really, I would. For instance, today, @craigadolph sent out a tweet: “ - cool telecom ad on nzherald. using non standard ads without being offensive. i like. @ros_ashworth” when I tried to check it out, I could not see it. Instead of this:

I got this:
I totally agree with Craig, that is a really nice wallpaper ad, nothing obstructing my view, NZHerald have done a GREAT job of accommodating the creative. This is the best thing I have seen come out of Telecom in ages - and Eyeblaster has killed it for Chrome users.

For some reason or another
eyeblaster does not support Chrome for wallpaper ads. One comment from the last post was that it was ok as Chrome only have 2% penetration. Not sure where this number came from (it was an anonymous comment) however I have access to analytics for a variety of websites (including this blog) and the average percentage of Chrome users across 5 very different sites is
5.8% for the last month.

What I think
eyeblaster really need to think about is WHO is using Chrome. Is it ma & pa on the farm in Timaru? Or is it the people who are pretty dedicated to Google, and the internet, and
Link (remember, this is MY OPINION) potentially the early adopters? You know, it was not that long ago that everyone used IE, and look at the use of Firefox these days.

Here’s an idea. Rather than take a leaf out of the
telco’s books and constantly play catch up with the rest of the world, why not be proactive? No one like someone who is dancing 1 beat behind the music; Chrome use is growing, dance in time with the music and people will pay you more attention.

Interestingly, 10.1% of visitors to my blog view it through Chrome, well higher than the other sites I have analytics access to. Wonder what that means?

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